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Telecom Billing Solutions

Billing Solutions

Telemetry International utilises one of the most sophisticated Cellular Network billing platforms available. Fixed IP SIM Cards

Fixed IP SIM Cards

Telemetry International (TI) Fixed IP services deliver even greater control to the M2M Marketplace. M2M Sim

M2M Sim

General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) enabled networks offer 'always-on', higher capacity, Internet-based content and packet-based data services. GSM Telemetry

GSM Telemetry

Today's second-generation GSM networks deliver high quality and secure mobile voice and data services with full roaming capabilities across the world. Wireless Telemetry

Wireless Telemetry

Telemetry International works with strategic partners to ensure delivery of the most suitable technology for the plethora of M2M applications.

Our Commitment

To provide the best M2M SIM solutions to the telemetry market.

We are committed to helping you to
  • Efficiently control your assets and reduce your operating costs
  • Improve your access to information, leading to better
    decision-making through real-time data capture
  • Leverage data to provide new service-based offerings
    and new streams of revenue

Whatever your M2M application -

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