Wireless Telemetry

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Wireless Telemetry

Wireless Telemetry

Wireless Applications Development - 3G - GPRS - GSM

Reduce your design time.

Do you need help choosing the most suitable wireless technology for your M2M application? Whether your application is for Utilities, Security and surveillance, Vehicle telematics, Asset management, Environmental monitoring, Retail or Healthcare, we will guide you through the options - quickly and easily.

We work closely with a number of well-established strategic partners to ensure that you achieve the best solution, on time and on budget.

We work as an extension of your product development team. Our expertise and experience includes;

  • AMR (Automatic Meter Reading)
  • Video Streaming
  • Vehicle Security
  • Hazardous Environment reporting (temperature / climate)
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Vending Machines
  • ATM Outlets
  • Photo Booths

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