M2M Sim Communication Services

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M2M Sim

M2M Sim Communication Services

M2M Data SIM cards (GPRS) — It's all about data

Whatever your application we can help you to deploy machine-to-machine communications over cellular networks — quickly and easily.

Why choose a GPRS SIM card?

General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) enabled networks offer 'always-on', higher capacity, Internet-based content and packet-based data services. Using GPRS SIM cards you can add a host of high data services such as colour Internet browsing, e-mail on the move, powerful visual communications, multimedia messages and location-based services.

There is an almost endless variety of Wireless M2M applications that include

  • AMR (Automated Meter Reading)
  • Video Streaming (security and surveillance)
  • Vehicle Security
  • Environmental monitoring and reporting (temperature/ climate)
  • Fleet and freight management
  • Traffic flow monitoring
  • Asset monitoring & remote control
  • Point-of Sale and ATM Outlets
  • Photo Booths and vending machines
  • Healthcare (glucose level meters or blood pressure monitors via mobile networks)

Using our GPRS SIM cards you pay only for the data you send. Data traffic through GPRS is charged per megabyte and typically this equates to 100 e-mail messages without attachments.

Cellular M2M — a growing market — don't be left out

"The cellular M2M market has been growing strongly over the past five years*, ABI Research expects approximately 95 million modules to be shipped in 2013, in applications ranging from telematics to smart metering to home security alarms. A key enabling factor in this steady market growth is the increasing adaptation of traditional cellular technology to meet the specialized needs of M2M applications."

*Almost 8 million embedded cellular modules were shipped in 2003 and 24.5 million modules were shipped in 2007

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