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Mobile Workforce Management

Mobile Workforce Management / Mobile Telemetry Solutions

Managing and communicating with your mobile workforce with ease

Did you know that the number of mobile workers worldwide is projected to reach 850 million this year with mobile workers representing a mind-blowing 25% of the global workforce?

Without doubt mobile workforce management technology has transformed the way we work. The advent of hand-held devices allows us to communicate in real-time wherever we are. We can email, record and send information back to central office systems that are instantly updated.

Whatever your (mobile) data requirements

  • Generating invoices at customer site
  • Sending customer information including customer signatures as acceptance of delivery
  • Barcode scanning to update product and inventory data
  • Checking on stock availability
  • Sending and receiving email
  • Accessing schedules and calendars
  • Instant access to product and pricing information
  • Accessing customer data

Mobile workforce management increases the efficiency of your company's operation, help you do business more effectively and directly impact your bottom-line. We can help.

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