Fixed IP SIM Cards

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Fixed IP SIM Cards

Fixed IP SIM Cards

Two-way, secure communication in real-time for remote management application

Telemetry International's Fixed IP service brings you greater visibility and control of your connected devices in the field with end-to end security of transmitted data.

SIM cards provided by the main Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) only feature dynamic IP addresses that change each time a device connects to the network.

TI's managed network sits within the cellular network enabling the allocation of with a fixed (static) IP address. This enables seamless two-way communication so that data can be transferred from either the device or the server.

Interrogation of the device is in real-time without having to wait for the device to contact a host computer. Only those devices with recognised, fixed IP addresses are connected to TI's server through its Virtual Private Network (VPN) guaranteeing your data's security.

Our Fixed IP managed network service is the perfect secure solution for your remote management and communication needs such as:

  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Automatic Meter Reading / Tariff Changes
  • Mobile EPOS
  • Vending
  • Asset Management
  • Vehicle Tracking

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