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Telecom Billing Solutions

Telecom Billing Solutions

Mobile Network Services - Billing

If you are looking for competitive tariffs, high quality mobile network services for mobile data services, Machine to Machine (M2M Telemetry) and telemetry applications and devices then we can help. Seperately, we also have Invoicing Sim Management services

If you are looking for

  • A single source for SMS, GSM, GPRS and 3G services
  • Managed Fixed IP and Private APN options
  • Call data monitoring and analytical tools
  • Tailored on-line billing, invoicing and SIM management

Call Data Record (CDR) management & tailored billing and payment options

We believe in giving you what you want, when and how you want it.

We understand and cater for your individual needs. Our billing and payment collection services and solutions can be configured to meet your requirements — exactly.

We provide;

  • Processing CDRs, generation and issue of monthly invoices
  • A single invoice billing for all network services (SMS, GSM, GPRS and 3G)
  • Billing including 3rd party services such as location-based applications
  • Co-branded billing
  • Third party revenue share, reporting and
  • Credit checks and payment collection
  • The flexibility to set your own retail tariffs to your customers

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