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Telemetry Testimonials

Telemetry Testimonials

Telemetry International has supplied us with hundreds of GPRS Sim cards over the past three years for a variety of telemetry applications including vending, time and attendance, gaming and tracking. All our solutions are business critical where down-time is simply not an option and the highest levels of reliability in terms of data connectivity are crucial.

We have complete trust in Telemetry International's products and have not had a Sim card failure in all the time they have been supplying us. The consistent quality of their products gives us confidence and peace of mind.

Ben Greetham, Director Telemetry Solutions

I am delighted with the consistently excellent service that I receive from Telemetry International. It is a well run business with a professional, responsive team and great products. We are head-quartered in France and sell across 16 countries. TI's Sim cards always arrive quickly and are easily incorporated into our range of products. TI's support is excellent but we seldom need it - the cards just work!

G Teale

I have been involved with Telemetry International for over 3 years during which time they have provided the highest service levels and I have always been impressed by their responsiveness. We can rely on their products and have integrated them in numerous banking and security applications throughout the UK and Europe

GB, Director of a leading Systems Integrator in Security applications
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