M2M Telemetry

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M2M Telemetry

M2M Telemetry

Putting M2M Telemetry at the heart of your business, connecting machines and devices back to the enterprise brings you the benefits of remote access and control of your assets - wherever they are.

Monitor — Measure - Control - Optimise

Enhance your business by

  • driving down your operating costs
  • improving your efficiency — through faster decision making
  • generating new revenue models and value-added services
  • having complete visibility and control of your assets

No two Machine-to-Machine applications are alike, the range is diverse and growing. Here at Telemetry International our passion is helping customers use wireless cellular technology to get their machines talking - quickly easily, and in the most cost-effective way possible.

Whatever your application. Whether you are a first time user, transitioning from fixed line to wireless, looking for a new wireless service provider with global connectivity or have developed a new M2M wireless product, our expertise is at your disposal.

We currently supply and support customers in:

  • Retail — Point-of-Sale and ATM
  • Automotive — Fleet & freight management, vehicle tracking
  • Asset Management — Vending machines, photo booths
  • Utilities — Automated Meter Reading
  • Environmental — climate control, temperature
  • Healthcare — remote blood pressure, glucose meter reporting
  • Security & Surveillance — video streaming, CCTV

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